Southern Fencing Region

Southern Fencing Region (formerly known as “Southern Section”) represents the fencing communities of Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire within England Fencing and British Fencing, and ultimately, within the world fencing organisation, Federation Internationale d’Escrime

Southern Fencing holds regional competitions and organises training for fencers, referees and armourers, along with child protection and other relevant issues.

It is a non-profit making organisation, governed by its members, through a committee elected/confirmed annually by an AGM.

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Southern Region Cadet Winton Team 2016


The Cadet Winton is an annual inter-regional team event, held at Millfield School, Street, Somerset on the weekend of 17th and 18th December 2016 (date to be confirmed). There are teams of 3 or 4 fencers per weapon that form each Regional team. The winner is the Regional team with the most victories. There are also prizes awarded to the winning weapon team and top individual fencers.

The Cadet Winton is a fantastic opportunity for any young fencer to take part and represent the Southern Region. It offers a unique experience where fencers can fence within a supportive team and socialise with other fencers from different parts of the country. The event does not carry any ranking points, but is immensely popular with the fencers.

Fencers must be over 14 and under 18 on January 1st 2017.

The cost to the fencer for this event is approximately £80 each, which includes accommodation, meals on Saturday evening, breakfast and lunch on Sunday, but does not include transport.

The team is accompanied by the Team Manager, Weapons Coaches, Referees and Armourer. All officials have DBS clearance and at least one official is a qualified First Aider. The Team Manager is also BFA Team Manager trained.


Please note: selection will be made according to the ‘Southern Region Cadet Winton Team Selection Policy’ 

If you are a fencer and would like to be considered for the Southern Region Cadet Winton Team,  or  coach and would like to recommend a fencer please contact the Team Manager no later than 1st October 2016 with the following information:

Fencer’s Name:

Date of Birth:

Contact telephone number:

Email address:

Weapon Team (if more than one weapon please put order of preference or strength):




If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact the Team Manager.

Cadet Winton Team Manager:  Lorna Cooke


Southern Region Database of Members

If you would like Southern Region to send you information about fencing events in the Region including training days, coaching, first aid training and competitions for children and adults. Please provide your details at the link below:

Kit recalls and BFA notices regarding fencing kit

For details on recent kit recalls and previous BFA notices on fencing kit please read the information page here