Southern Region Fencing – Mixed Age Group Team Competition

We hope this will be an enjoyable competition for young fencers in the region.

Entry Form
Date Sunday 8 November 2015
Start time Check in from 10am, with times for different competitions to be confirmed

Competitions will be run in parallel, so it will not be possible for fencers to enter more than one weapon.

Venue Sports Hall, Bradfield College, Bradfield, Berkshire, RG7 6AU
Competitions U14  – Foil, Epee and  Sabre U18  – Foil, Epee and  Sabre
Age Groups For the 2015/16 season, age is determined at 1 January 2016

U14 – born in 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005

U18 – born in 1998, 1999, 2000 or 2001

Notes on Age Groups U14s (born in 2002) can fence in an U18 team if they wish

U13s and younger (born 2003 or later) cannot fence in the older age group, due to disparities in weapon size and fencer size.

Composition of teams This is a mixed gender competition, so teams including boys and girls are encouraged. Single gender teams will be accepted.
Reserves Each team can include an optional reserve. A fencer can enter as a reserve for more than one team, but can only fence for one team on the day.
Valid entries For team entries to be valid they must include three named entrants and an optional reserve. Each fencer must have valid British Fencing membership. Payment must be submitted with each entry.
Entry fees and closing date


Early bird entries Reduced entry fee of £20 per team for entries received by 10pm on Friday 23 October
Standard Entries & closing date Standard entry fee of £30 per team for entries received by 10pm on Friday 30 October
Late entry fee Any entries accepted after the closing date of 30 October will pay a higher fee of £30.



Confirmation of entry Confirmation of entry and joining instructions will be sent to by email to the Team contact (coach or parent).
Queries If you have any queries about this competition, please contact

Equipment requirements by age group




Blade size: size 3 foil

No lame bib or mask wire required



Blade size: size 5 foil

Lame bibs and mask wires are required


All fencers

Please ensure equipment fits properly, including lames which must reach the hip bone.

Epee and Sabre

U14 Blade size: size 2 epee or sabre
U18 Blade size: size 5 epee or sabre

Additional requirements for Sabre

All Sabre competitors · Lame jacket

Electric glove or cuff Electric mask with headwire


Each fencer (parent/guardian for Under 18s) is personally responsible for making sure that their clothing and equipment conform to FIE and British Fencing rules and are in good condition.

Neither British Fencing nor the organisers of the competition, nor any official or referee involved in the competition is responsible for these matters, or for any accident, loss or damage to persons or property however caused.