Our Regional Competitions

The region holds five main competitions that will now be run by an organising committee with representatives from all the counties.

Please remember that fencing is run almost completely by volunteers; many of us also have families and full time jobs and none of us are paid to run competitions. Some coaches are professional and paid to coach but rarely paid to attend a competition, many coaches are volunteers. All of our referees are volunteers.

If you would like to help at a competition please let us know – even just a half hour at either end of the day to help with set up or a spell making tea can make a big difference.  If you would like to do more like learning about competition assistance, refereeing, armoury or coaching, please ask about courses. Many hands make and light work!

For the list of events on the Southern Region area please look at the list below.

Age Groups
Please note the age you are on the 1st Jan 2019 decides the age group you are in.
Below you can find the year of birth for each age group:

Age Group Year of Birth Age Group Year of Birth
U10 2010 – 2011    
U11 2009 – 2010 U15 2005 – 2006
U12 2008 – 2009 U16 2004 – 2005
U13 2007 – 2008 U17 2003 – 2004
U14 2006 – 2007 U18 2002 – 2003



Region Development & AGM

When: 17th November 2019

Where: St Gabriel’s, Sandleford Priory Newbury Berkshire RG20 9BD

9.45am – tea/coffee and the SFR reports made available for you to read
10 am
Armoury Workshop – till 3.45 (with noon lunch break)
Referee L1 Course – till 3.45  (with noon lunch break)
Fencing fitness/footwork – till 11.45  (anyone from 10 to 90 welcome)

noon – England Fencing AGM
have your lunch and be part of the EF AGM – your chance to question the board, to listen to their plans and have your say

as soon the AGM is finished everything gets going again, for fencers it will be social fencing with coaches on hand to take small groups and/or individuals as required

3.45 tea & coffee with cake will be available and the SFR AGM will start asap, we hope to be out by 5pm

We want to show the England Board that you care about your region – we trust you do and that you want it to thrive not disappear

As not enough want to do the HEMA, we are swapping it to 3 weapon fencing. Alan will bring some HEMA equipment in case there is a group on the day who would a go.

Please remember to email to let us know you are planning on attending, and what you are going to do

We will charge the same for fencing as for the HEMA, and will be making a contribution from this charge, to the Harry Jones fund for Marie Curie and Macmillian on behalf of everyone in the region



Our AGM is open to all BF members who are over 18 and who have Southern as their region.

Details went out to the SFR mail list, if you would like the information and did not receive it please request it from ‘

Development Opportunities, open to everyone aged from 14-99:

> Armoury workshop – We are lucky to have Andrew Goodier back to run the day for us.  If you have met Andy, you will know how good he is as an armourer and at sharing his knowledge.  He is one of our Master Armourers, has been part of the team at two Olympics and has lots of side stories to share. 

The first part will be very general.  But will move on to cover whatever equipment you care to bring along to investigate. 

So, if you just want an introduction you can do the morning – with or without the HEMA in the afternoon. 

For those with some experience, or those just happy to stick with it, Andy is planning to carry on all day.  Please bring your weapons, and your club equipment, along to work on

> Referee workshop – We are lucky to have Luke Deamer to run the day for us.  If you have met Luke, you will know how good he is as a referee and at sharing his knowledge.  Luke is one of our FIE (international) referees, and an established educator and examiner.  There will be an opportunity to do the L1 written exam, but the practical will have to be done on another occasion. Places are limited and going fast.


> morning: fencersfootwork & fitness

> afternoon: A chance to try HEMA  –   Historical European Martial Arts is a linked sport.  If you would like to have a go, your fencing experience will be broadened.  SFR Fencing coach Alan Knowles will be heading this up with some colleagues from the association.  This is appearing at fencing clubs around the country so we thought you might like a fun afternoon to see what it is about.  Fencing kit is ideal to wear, if you have none let us know the week before – we will arrange some for you to borrow.  Non fencers also welcome to join this.              

For details on how to book in click on ‘Development


Southern Foil Age Group Qualifier

When: 26th January 2020

Where: TBC


Southern Epee & Sabre Age Group Qualifier

When: 8th March 2020

Where: TBC