Our Regional Competitions

The region holds five main competitions that will now be run by an organising committee with representatives from all the counties.

Please remember that fencing is run almost completely by volunteers; many of us also have families and full time jobs and none of us are paid to run competitions. Some coaches are professional and paid to coach but rarely paid to attend a competition, many coaches are volunteers. All of our referees are volunteers.

If you would like to help at a competition please let us know – even just a half hour at either end of the day to help with set up or a spell making tea can make a big difference.  If you would like to do more like learning about competition assistance, refereeing, armoury or coaching, please ask about courses. Many hands make and light work!

For the list of events on the Southern Region area please look at the list below.

Age Groups
Please note the age you are on the 1st Jan 2019 decides the age group you are in.
Below you can find the year of birth for each age group:

Age Group Year of Birth Age Group Year of Birth
U10 2010 – 2011    
U11 2009 – 2010 U15 2005 – 2006
U12 2008 – 2009 U16 2004 – 2005
U13 2007 – 2008 U17 2003 – 2004
U14 2006 – 2007 U18 2002 – 2003


Nothing is on the calendar.

Check back soon for new events