Welcome to ‘Coaches Corner’

My name is Steven Davey I run the Aldershot Fencing Club and I have also been leading the Coach Education in the region for the last three years.

Here in Southern Region I would like to think that we run an open book approach to coach Education. What I mean by that is that if you have a problem in or want more information I or any of the other well qualified regional coaches will gladly help you by sharing their knowledge with you.

In the Region we run level 1&2 courses in all three weapons. At the moment I run the sessions in an informal master class style course, where people come and discuss the problems put in front of the group and work through to an answer. If there is time I will throw in something extra to think about. We can be working on several problems at a time so it can be quite an exciting time and it certainly keeps me on my toes!

I understand the pressures of the part time coach or person that is taking the qualifications as a means to aid the club coach and there fore run the sessions on weekends and have the end date open ended to allow people to continue to keep gathering information. I will set a test date when we have an idea of when the group/majority will be ready.

I hope that the way we run the sessions is personal and enjoyable as well as being informative.

If you are looking to come along as a trainee it is always good to bring at least one student that can also benefit from the day.

I will be starting the new timetable in the NEW YEAR (Jan) once a lot of the competitions are out of the way. The venue will be announced nearer the time when we have an indication on numbers.

SO finally, if you are interested get in touch with the regional co-coordinator and let them know that you want start so we can begin a list.

Please watch the calendar for all related courses, there will be First Aid and Safeguarding courses held in the new year and we are hoping to continue to have a general coaches development day in the summer linked to the general region’s development day which would, again, be the following day

Coaches need to be registered; please check out the England website for details of what is required for registration.

We now have two coach co-coordinators, Oli Bickley and Lee Banting, whose role is to try and make sure you are made aware of what is going on and for you to contact if you want information pushed out to other coaches. They can only do this job if they know about you…

Our contact email is

Please complete the online questionnaire for us or fill in this Coach Information Form – with out you telling us about yourselves we can’t keep you informed and generally support you.


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