Private: HEMA at our summer special Development Day

Venue: St Gabriel’s

Would you like to have go at Historical European Martial Arts?

On Sunday 21st July we are having our summer special Development Day

Development Days are about developing yourself – this one is introducing something new to many of you.

You must be between 15 to 90 to come and have a go.

We want to introduce you to HEMA – Historical European Martial Arts

It is a linked sport.  If you would like to come along, your fencing experience is about to be broadened.  We ran a similar day some years ago and it proved very popular.

HEMA is one of the fastest growing sports today. In less that 20 years the sport developed from infancy to having world championship. Many towns and cities now have a HEMA club these days teaching a variety of weapons including longsword, sidesword and rapier to name but a few possible options

Coach Alan Knowles is heading up the day.  In his other guise he is part of Smart HEMA clubs (based in Newbury and Swindon).  Alan and Stuart will be leading this training session in this new (or should we say re-found!) and exciting form of combat. The session will allow you to experience the skills and techniques used by knights and soldiers of the middle ages and renaissance. The source text for these techniques are from the works of Foire Dei Liberi an Italian Fight Master born in 1350 and the Englishman George Silver the noted gentleman soldier of the Tudor period.

This is a great chance to look at sword fighting in a different light and compare it with modern fencing.

The plan is to start the day at 11am, finishing 3.30ish.

Tea and coffee will be available.  Please bring lunch.

Come in comfortable clothing, bring full kit to wear.

If you are a parent, you will need, as a minimum, a mask – please contact me for details of what to wear and if you need to borrow a mask.

You will get hot, so bring a towel and a spare t-shirt to go home.

If you are planning to attend please email:


Please provide your name and year of birth if u18

It is £20 per person wishing to have a go, payable on the day (£25 if an out of region guest)

I’m planning to watch along with any others of you who are chauffeuring – bring your lunch too, fingers crossed for sunshine so we can sit in the sun and watch everyone.

See you there

RochelleHEMA at our summer special Development Day