Private: Southern Region Development Day Jan 2019

Where: St Gabriels School, Sandleford Priory Newbury RG20 9BD
When: 10am – approx 3.30pm, 20th Jan

Entry Form: At end of this post
Now, you will remember that June had to step down this Autumn. As no one else was prepared to take the role on, I have returned to it – but only for one year as I will be retiring from fencing next Autumn. David Bradly has kindly taken on the role of Vice-Chair and Jon Payne has taken on the role of treasurer

We need to return to the era of ‘many hands make light work’ and so hope to encourage many of you to get more involved over the next few months.

To start this process off we have a ‘Development Day’ – for Southern Region registered fencers and their immediate families only – booked for Sunday, 20th January.

Fencers in all weapons will get the chance to pick up ideas from different coaches and spend time with other fencers from the region

Everyone will get the chance to see where their talents lay in terms of what goes on behind and in front of the scenes in the region – and to learn about things that may help their fencers and/or their club/county/region

The areas we plan to cover include:

Competition Planning (booking- venue, date, BF and entries; social media; layout – kit requirement; on the day support – running the tech, referees, set-up, armoury, check-in, general help; follow-up – especially for qualifiers)

Competition set-up and running

Website – we need a new website, if your talents lay here please off to help. Not only does it need to be createt but also kept up afterwards and this could be a shared role

From a parent’s side, preparation for a competition, on the day and follow up

This is a closed, in region event. There will be a £20 charge for each fencer and all of the volunteer sessions will be free. Please encourage fencers and families in the region to attend. Very sorry we are normally open to everyone but on this occasion would like to use this as a Southern ‘bonding ‘ day.

More details on this day will be out the beginning of January – meanwhile please make a note to yourself to attend.

Entry Form:

Development Day Entry Form
20th January 2019 Development Day. Cost is £20, pay on the day for fencers, volunteer sessions are free