Good news for all Southern Region folk

It is official – the England Board have unanimously agreed that Southern should be kept as an England Fencing Region
It is all down to the support for the region shown by all of you – our case was, apparently, well put and well supported
We now have to prove our worth even more over the next x number of years
We need to get more folk fencing
We need to encourage our fencers to fence at the regional competitions and for region when the opportunity arises
We need to encourage fencers and volunteers to get involved with training opportunities
We need to spread the work of the region around still further, more folk doing small amounts
If you think you would like to get more involved – even if it is just making sure you arrive early or stay late or make the tea at a comp, or you if you have some more time to get involved, there a few areas bigger that would be nice to share around
Those who are already involved are really appreciated and I do hope you understand how much
This is the opportunity to show our region is innovative; together we will find new ways of promoting fencing as a more main stream sport
Thanks again for all your support