Mask Retention Safety Notice

BF Notice (http://britishfencing.com/news/latest-news/?n=1634)


The BF Safety Committee are concerned about some near misses when fencers’ masks fell off during a bout.

Fencers must wear masks that are of the appropriate size and, with ‘traditional’ masks featuring a metal back spring, the spring must be bent so as to assist retention. The 2nd security device, the Velcro strap, must not be at risk of coming undone accidentally – i.e. all the Velcro fixings must be in good condition.

If the fencer has long hair and the hair is tied up, this strap must be placed below the hair tie, not over the top of it.

Before every bout referees should check the two fencers’ masks in the above respects and, during the bout, should ensure that each time a fencer puts his mask back on the 2nd security device, the Velcro strap, is correctly worn.

If a fencer persists in wearing his mask in a way that does not comply with the above, the referee should penalise him with a Yellow Card (‘clothing not conforming to the Rules – t.45’).