Our Regional Competitions

Yesterday, a new organising team from Hampshire, ran their first major event (with over 160 fencers) in a venue new to the region and, overall, they did very well.

The information we were given for finding our new venue caused problems in so far as if you had an old satnav it couldn’t get you there and there were roadwork’s nearby that caused folk delay. We chose to give folk a bit extra time to arrive so from the beginning of the day we were a little behind. We try very hard to ensure every foil fight has a competent referee, again ref’s are folk who volunteer to give of their time learn how to referee, and then to referee. It is always hard to ensure there are enough folk around to referee at a county, regional or Open competition and this sometimes causes delays waiting for someone suitable to be available.

Apologies to the u12’s who, yesterday, had to stop but who were then able to start again and compete their competition – with hindsight it might have been handled differently, but hindsight is a wonderful thing most of us wish we had.

Those of you going to Sheffield to represent the region, very well done and good luck.

I will be in Sheffield with Eileen (near the entrance with the BFA kit), please come say hello and tell us how you are doing (good or bad!) – we especially like to close up and come watch you when you get into the last four so make sure we know; mind you one of us will try and pop along any time we can (if you want us and you tell us).

Badges will be available at the team competition for anyone who hasn’t already got one. These are to warn on the none fencing arm. As soon as there is news on the hoodies we will put it on the website.

Finally, I would like to thank BB&O for the Epee and Sabre competition last November and Hampshire for yesterday, Milind and Ian for their computer skills, Eileen for handling all the entries, Harry for coping with armoury for many more fencers than the youngsters that he is actually there for, all those who refereed and helped with food and all of you who chauffeur and support the fencers and to the staff at Bradfield College and Reading University Sports Centre for looking after us and look forward to seeing many of you at the team event in March in Reading.

If you could spare some time to help at a competition please let us know

Your help will make a difference