Vets Winton

Vets Winton last weekend.  There were 10 regions entered and Southern region came 4th overall, up two places from last year.
In addition to that, Adrian Griffin won the Frank Mills Trophy for best male foilist!

The following is the outcome for each weapon:

Women’s Foil:  5 victories – 5th Place
Women’s Epee: 7 victories – 2nd Place
Women’s Sabre: 7 victories – 3rd Place
Men’s Foil: 7 victories – 2nd Place
Men’s Epee:  1 victory – 9th Place
Men’s Sabre: 2 victories – 8th Place

South East won with South West and Northern Britain behind them.
Thank you for supporting the team.  The Zoodies were much appreciated, looked fantastic and other regions were envious.  What more could we ask?